After the initial assessment visit we try to individually tailor care provision to meet the service users needs. In the following sections there is a summary of the types of care we offer.

General Care

This consists of tasks that do not involve the physical care of clients. It includes shopping, ironing, dusting, vacuuming, preparing and cooking meals/drinks, washing changing and/or making beds, and cleaning inside windows. Importantly it also includes the general oversight of the client’s well-being.

Personal Care

This service provides the more intimate care required by more dependent clients. It will include, for example, bathing, toileting assistance, dressing/undressing, putting to bed and getting up.

Waking Night Care

To provide this a care worker remains on the client’s premises for a 10 hour period, usually from 10pm to 8am, providing a service, as necessary, throughout the night.

Night on Call

A Care Worker sleeps on the client’s premises for a 10 hour period, usually from 10pm to 8am to be available, should the need arise.

All the above services can be offered individually or they can be combined to offer a larger more complex care package to our more dependent clients. It can also include support to others in the same household if this is considered beneficial to the well-being of the client.

The services we provide can be purchased privately by individuals and may also be provided under contracts with Local Authorities, NHS Primary Clinical Commissioning Groups, etc.